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 We ​offer farm to table specialties, made from our field-grown items and created just for you!  Perfect gifts for friends, family and business contacts as well as that thoughtful unique hostess gift! For our Signature Gift, select any 6 items from our home-made selections listed below, beautifully arranged in a crafted hand-made wooden box with metal handles for $50.


Visit our Market to select individual items available for your purchase from the offerings below! For more information or to place your order, send us an email at [email protected] or call 732-274-1748.

 Our newest and hottest Hot Sauce yet! Made from our farm grown Ghost Peppers!  Do you Dare?

Pick your favorite(s) from our list of hot sauces made from our harvest of the best peppers:

$5 each Sauce - 5 oz.


--Honey Garlic Habanero

--Maple Habanero

--Peach Habanero

--Roasted Jalapeno 

--Mango Habanero

--Pineapple Habanero

--Jalapeno Habanero

-Local Honey* $10 - 16 oz.; $6 - 8 oz

Local Honey with Comb $13 - 16 oz..

Local Freshcut Honeycomb - $15

*large honey and honeycomb  not available for Signature Box

Chicken Eggs: $5

Home-Made Items created at Fresh Ponds Farm from our farm ingredients

for your sweet side:

--Fig Jam  - $5 for 4 oz.

 Jams $7 for 8 oz.:

--Raspberry Jam 

--Peach Jam

--Green Gage Plum Jam 

--Blueberry Jam

--Orange Marmalade

--Strawberry Jam

Home-Made Items created at Fresh Ponds Farm from our farm ingredients

for your savory side:

--Sun-Dried Tomatoes in Garlic Oil  $7 - 8oz.

-- Jalapeno Relish  $5 - 8 oz.

-- Chili-Infused Olive Oil $5 - 5 oz.

--Herb Dipping Oil $4 - 4 oz.

--Pickled Jalapenos $7 - 16 oz.

--Honey Garlic Pickled Habaneros $5 - 8 oz. 

--Corn Relish  $8 - 16 oz

 --Pickled Beets - $10 - 16 oz.

--Applesauce - $5 - 16 oz

--Pickled Quails Eggs - $13 - 16 oz.